November 20, 2008

I love hair!!

It's amazing how just a little bit of hair can insulate your head so well! I just thought I should post how my hair style is coming along; and of course I have to take pictures with my sweet kids.

PET scan news

So I saw Dr. Kanard today and got the results from the PET scan that I had on the 7th. It's a long time to wait for results. Anyway, they were great results and I guess I am officially in remission. I will see her again January 22nd. I was able to get a copy of the scan this time and the difference between last year at this time and now. I am so very grateful to be alive and kicking. I thought you might like to see the comparison so here it is.

September 2007- The black mass in my chest was the tumor. It was 13cm. And had to have my head elevated because I couldn't lay flat.

November 2008 -The only black you see in these results are from my normal body functions like brain, kidneys and bladder. I do have scaring where the mass was, but in the report it says "there is no evidence of glucose avid disease."