July 7, 2009

Great doctor!

So after waiting a week from the PET scan. I went to the Dr. that delivered Lizzie for a follow up. She had breast cancer a few years before Lizzie was born and I told her how I was still waiting for the results. ( I even think I made myself sick the day after and the next night because of what happened last scan.) Anyway, Dr. King was horrified that I hadn't gotten word about my results yet, because she has been there; so, being my doctor she was able to look up all of my recent tests right there and print it up for me.

Nervously, I looked at the paper and happily I noticed it said that there was no new growth and what they found last time has been less active; meaning I don't have to have a biopsy, and I will get my birthday!! I'm so glad I had my follow-up or I would still be waiting until next week!

I have been so blessed!!! Thank you everyone for your support and love! I will let you know how we will celebrate closer to the 21st!