July 26, 2010

2 year old bone marrow!

So it has been 2 years since my transplant. You must know that things have been going well since no news is good news; and it's been a whole year since my last post. The last time I saw Dr. McSweeny or Dr. Kanard was in May, and it was about 10 minutes. I talked to the nurses and Lisa, Dr. Kanard's assistant more than I talked to McSweeny. So I went in had a small physical. He said everything looks good. And I just got a letter in the mail that says he is no longer with the Cancer Center in Denver; so I probably won't see him again. The main worries in my life now are the boys going to first grade and being gone from me all day.

Life is Wonderful!

I do now have days were I have to remind myself that I need to slow down and remember to enjoy what I have; and that I am still alive. But I am glad that I can appreciate the small things again; like mowing the lawn.