August 6, 2009

Happy T-Day B-Day to me!!

Okay so it has been a while since the party, but I've been sick and busy. It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of cake. We had 22 kids running around the house and backyard! I was trying to make a video of my bald head growing hair, loosing hair and growing it back but it didn't work. My biggest surprise was that Derek's sister Ashlee was in town and so she was able to come with her kids. My boys were so excited to see all of their cousins in their house but one. I also got a fabulous apple tree from Derek's family! I walked in from the backyard talking to some of the kids and there it was in my kitchen.

I saw Dr. McSweeny last month and found out that I don't have to have any more PET scans if I don't want them. Which I think I will take him up on it since I got myself sick last time. He said that the radioactive glucose might be more of a problem to my body down the road and I have already had 9 scans since we found the tumor. I also got my blood drawn to see what immunization shots I need again since my body is new. I should find that out someday soon. I saw Dr. Kanard yesterday and she said besides the cold that I have right now, I look great and I don't have to see her until October! So happy days.