January 16, 2013

5 years later and Miracles abound!

So 5 years out and a miracle happened! In early November we found out that we are expecting baby #4!! He/She is due on Ethan and Isaac birthday!! June 17th! Thinking that this could never be a possibility I gave away all of the things that Lizzie grew out of. But with God all things are possible. I was praying for a baby since my Lizzie is now 5!  Since I was dealing with all of the cancer headaches, It felt like I didn't get a chance to have Lizzie be little, not to mention that she started walking and talking at 9.5 months when I was going through the stem cell transplant!  It's all such a miracle. Just before the transplant Kelly our coordinator asked me if I wanted to freeze my eggs. I figured at the time we must only be meant to have 3 kids, which with a new born is plenty. But in the back of my mind there was always another, but I pushed it away. But now our family is complete!! We will find out on the 29th if it's a boy or a girl!

This is my wonderful family right after our sweet boys were baptized!!

What a blessing my life has been. Who would have seen this 5 years ago!! I also always joke about how I have such rare luck that I should just when a trip on a cruise or something. Well in November, Derek and I had the chance to go to Hawaii for under $500 total! We got 2 round trip tickets for $92 because of our credit card, and we stayed with Derek's sister Lacey. She is also in the military so we got a military discount at all of the places we went! It was awesome!

We went snorkeling with turtles and saw dolphins under us!!

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