January 25, 2009

Another check up

So Thursday I went for a check up with my Oncologist Dr. Kanard. She said I look great for 6 months past transplant. I had blood work done to check my kidneys, heart, liver and check if there are any signs of Lymphoma. So far I haven't gotten any calls which is good news. Next visit I have to have another PET scan, it will be in March, so it looks like every 4 months I will have one until I hit 5 years post transplant.
Last night, since I stopped taking anti-viral meds about a week ago, I got some stomach bug and threw up twice. It was Denver all over again.

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Rachael said...

You are looking more beautiful than ever Katie! You've been through so much, and taken it with such grace and gratitude. You are my hero!
I'm so happy you're in remission now, and you're getting your hair back. What a great blessing!
I have a question, though. Is cancer common in your family or are you the first one to get it? I told Dan that if I ever get Cancer that I don't want to go through radiation or chemotherapy...that I'd rather die. Looking at you, though, makes me so happy that I think my mind is changed. What a beacon of faith.