March 22, 2009

Newest PET scan results

So last Friday the 13th I had a routine PET scan. Thursday I went to Dr. Kanard to get the results. At first we had fun talking like every visit that she doesn't tell me bad things. But then we went over the scan. She said that a lymph node that is in the area of the original tumor had a greater SUV intake which means that it used more of the radioactive glucose than last scan. Don't freak out yet though, her next words were that if I had been fighting a cold (which I was since I got it 3 days later) it would show up in the PET scan. Any congestion would show up and cause a false reading. She was about to send me to the surgeon that did the original biopsy a year and a half ago.

We are going to wait a couple of months until all of the bugs are out of our house and no one is sick and then take the PET scan again. Hopefully next time it will be a whole lot cheaper and accurate. In the mean time I will meet with Dr. McSweeney again to review the scan with him.

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Katie said...

Hey KT, I found your blog from Monica's. I hope you are finding peace and comfort through your trials. I will pray for you! Katie (Wickham) Crews