June 21, 2009

PET scan on Friday

Just thought I would post a recent hair picture.

So last time since the PET scan was off because my body was fighting a cold at the time I am really nervous this time about being around germs this week. Since the boys birthday was last Wednesday we were going to have a birthday party for them on this Tuesday; but I am going to have to postpone it because my sister's family is sick and it might get my family sick and if I am fighting something without even knowing it, it will show up on the scan and they will do a biopsy. I am so freaked out about another biopsy, not to mention waiting 2 weeks to talk to Dr. McSweeny about the results.

The good news is that in exactly 1 month it will be my year birthday from the transplant, so I will be a one year old again.

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Its a young life.... said...

Happy Birthday! :) Your hair looks great!!!